Alexandra Slava [b. 1996] is a figurative sculptor from Ukraine, currently living and working in Florence, Italy. She recently graduated from the Florence Academy of Art, where she was awarded the prize of Sculpture of the Year. Alexandra`s work has been recognized by several international organizations including The Art Renewal Center, The International Arts and Culture Group, and the Museo Europeo d'Arte Modern in Barcelona, Spain. In addition to receiving awards from these institutions, she was selected to create the model for a large marble statue of St Joseph for the interior design of St. John Baptist Church in Williamsburg, Virginia. Her works may be found in private collections in Ukraine, Malta, France, England, Italy, and Canada.

Alexandra`s work focuses on an expressive potential of the human figure. Her interests lie in using the body as a vehicle for exploring, discovering and ultimately conveying the endless variety presented by nature. By often working with self-portraiture, she first engages with her own experiences in an attempt to represent a more universal portrayal of the complex human existence.